Based in Lymoria, this is a curious group of tinkerers, inventors, and scientists. They overlook the University Hall and work under the advising of the Queen. This group is responsible for the many advancements in technology made in Lymoria over the past several years. A lot of what they work on is very private until given permission to either release to the public, scratch, or disclose to the Queen's use only.

If interested in the leader of the Secret Magic Group, see the "Important Roles" page to check their availability.


A nomadic group of individuals who spend a lot of time guarding, studying, and recording changes of the PPP's(Perilous Pockets of Problematic Phenomena). There are a few within the group who possess more of an extremist view and believe the tainted lands are going to end Elesya. They live in the neutral lands, but have a base location on the east coast far from all other civilizations. They call their base, Raven's Rest, it is more or less a melting pot of all races but there is no real ruling body, the leader of the Gypsies will dole out punishment if things get out of hand from time to time but more or less it us much like a hot spot for pirates, bandits, and outcasts.

If interested in the leader of the Gypsies, see the "Important Roles" page to check their availability.


A very closed off and secretive group formed of magic users. Following the fall of the Great Dragon, magic took on a whole new meaning surrounding fear. Magic users were pushed out of society and many were forced to hide their abilities. They have two bases, one in Lymoria and the other in Gormlaith, the main one being deep in the mountains of Lymoria, shafting off of the old mines. Their haven is completely underground beneath the city of Lymoria itself. Their base in Gormlaith is much more secluded, not directly within the city but nestled within the forests south of civilization. They take in magic users and hunt them down to try and persuade them to join their ranks - in exchange they will train and protect them from those who fear magic.

If interested in the leader of the Secret Magic Group, see the "Important Roles" page to check their availability.

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