5 years ago - Spread of the Taint

Seemingly out of nowhere - or perhaps right under everyone's nose - the taint overcame and spread much of Elesya. The first Territory to go was Gormlaith where two tainted areas merged into one, creating one hell of a magical cocktail. Parisa and Sutherlands quickly followed but not before some groups were able to make it out and past Tainted areas to the closes livable civilizations: Lymoria and Raven's Rest.

15 years ago - Pox Plague

A disease referred to as the "Pox Plague" was facilitated in order to introduce a vaccine designed to suppress something that had nothing to do with the illness created to server a temporary purpose with long term results. The public was informed the vaccine fought off Pox Plague when really it suppressed magic in human Magi. Those who were magi and received a vaccine, had a reaction to it that Markedthem. This mark would be permanent and labeled them as 'carriers' of Pox Plague and were required every five years to be evaluated.

90 years ago - Parisa on the verge of civil war

Following the disappearance of the Fae Queen, the Fae Court appointed their own ruler in her place. The act alone created a lot of tension followed by rebuttal as they began to reverse the missing Queen's recent actions to reintroduce the Lupine back into the Fae community and court. The Lupine and their supporters eventually left Parisa for Raven's Rest.

450 years ago - Hellllooooo Taint

Four select areas of Elesya began to display questionable behavior. The land was not the same and something powerfully magic had settled in. Not all four areas possessed the same qualities of disturbed magic, but one thing was for certain and that was that it was NOT a welcome presence. Stories of lost travelers who'd lost their memory, being attacked and devoured by their mounts, magically corrupted, or drastically aged. Many more stories of missing persons. A group of travelers that called themselves Gypsies, began to call these areas Tainted.

480 years ago - Magic Outlawed

Territories ruled by humans, forever affected by the recent magical war, outlawed Magic of any kind. (Lymoria and Gormlaith).

500 years ago - Birth of a new Dragon race

The shards of the gems that shattered spawned new life and creation of a new dragon race. Several types of dragons were produced but curiously not all 13 of the magical powers was reborn. It took several years for the dragons to band together as a unified force, fighting territorial battles before making a home in the north western parts of Elesya now known as Demir.

500 years ago - Fall of the Great Dragon

It took many years under the guise of false peace but eventually the gems that the original dragon guardians protected were united to resurrect the Great Dragon. Nothing less than magical Armageddon took place. Huge chunks of populations were destroyed or wiped out simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the end, the dragon guardians overcame the Great Dragon, losing their lives in the process. The gems were separated and shattered in the process.

800 years ago - War of Elesya

Humans brought on a war that eventually involved everyone. The Dragon Guardians were discovered to possess gems of obscene magical power. So they tried to take the gems from them. The Guardians quickly hid, driving the humans to attack neighboring territories with the accusation that they were harboring the dragons. Nothing really ended the war, it just sort of fizzled out.

3,000 years ago - Arrival of the Fae

The Fae arrived upon the lands of Elesya as an unwelcome force. Over time they grew in number and power, eventually testing the Dragons' patience. Small skirmishes broke out as the Fae tried to stake part of the land as their own. The Dragon's proposed a treaty that they could live in that area but under their rule. The fae had no interest in bowing their heads and living under anyone's rule other than their own. Territorial violence erupted. The battle raged between the Fair Folk and the Dragons for three hundred years. After years of battle, the leaders of the Fair Folk and the Twelve met to arrange a meet. With thousands of their fellow dragons vanquished, the loss was too great for them to continue their stubborn power kick. A treaty was formed and the Fair Folk were given a portion of Elesya for their own.


Long before Humans, Elves, or even the Fae came to the lands, Elesya was ruled by Dragons. Thousands upon thousands of the great beasts ruled the lands with war and death plundering the lands from the great lizards. One powerful dragon ruled them all. With powers unmatched by any living being, the great dragon conquered and lorded over her subjects with wrathful and merciless might. It was many years before there were any beings that were able to defeat the dragon as her power grew and threatened their very existence.

The Great Dragon bore only one set of offspring, her powers seeped into a batch of eggs, thirteen in total. From these eggs hatched a dragon with a unique power. Working together, the thirteen dragons were able to take down the great Dragon. The rest of the Dragons were released from her rule and given the freedoms they had before she'd come to power. At her death, The Great Dragon's heart split into thirteen pieces and crystallized into the thirteen Dragon Gems.

Each dragon took their corresponding Gem and hid it away from the world, vowing to never let anyone have the type of power The Great Dragon had before them. The Drakes of Lore died with their gems, imbuing their memories into it so that any dragon that came after them would have their memories of the great battle.

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